Dec 06 2016

Love Is Art

I have decided to do this for love and not only for money and among my dream is to wake up my self this morning with great body stretching before l decide to answer your call right on time. My dream to be there for you because l found you as my best diamond guest to spend my especial lunchtime with. As a dance model l have met so many different kinds of images and different personalities what makes me not loose that belief to this work is to walk that right path, feeling your warm hand close to mine to spend this very especial time. Rigt now l wounder who you are and why you have found my letter content so interesting that there is no doubts that we will meet up rigt on time for great coffee stop. Relationships can never be bought and if there is something very especial l can support your life to that light love short moment l will be so proud to be there for you... Your trust is our truste and my love creation is to spread that love back to you. Kiss always Lolu